A half-century plane tree.

Yapıkur commenced operations by investing in the construction/real estate sector in 1967, and today creates buildings that add value to life through housing and office projects it undertakes.

Yapıkur has been setting Turkey’s new and modern face for the past 52 years, driven by the goal of creating living spaces that respect the environment and nature, delivering quality buildings, and guaranteeing impeccable customer satisfaction.

Carrying out hundreds of housing and office projects all around Istanbul, Yapıkur grows each passing day thanks to its robust organizational structure, tools equipped with advanced technology, and professional and talented team. It continues to define the architecture of the future, following the principle of timely delivery and never compromising on the quality of construction.

Assurance of today and tomorrow

Only those who successfully protect today can build the future. This is the vision that has been driving us for the past 52 years as we work in harmony with the environment in all projects we create. We utilize the advanced scientific methods and technologies of our age, and prefer environmentally-friendly and recyclable tools.

The values that we believe in has earned us what we care most about: The trust of our customers. It’s because home is where one feels most safe. You must first have trust in a place to live there with peace of mind. At Yapıkur, we first build trust. We keep our standards at peak to deliver maximum customer satisfaction, and create buildings that comply with globally-recognized construction regulations.