AYA Sarıyer, promising life in its nature.

Rising with the signature of Architect Han Tümertekin, AYA Sarıyer houses has 83 apartments and 7 commercial spaces on a 11,000-square-meter construction area. The four-storey car park always offers a safe place for your cars, while the 4-square-meter storage area, provided to each apartment, keeps your extra belongings safe.

As we work, we dream of a more inhabitable world and reflect our respect to the environment in every building we create.

At Yapıkur, we care about efficient use of resources, prefer energy-saving products, observe green building standards, and work without harming the ecosystem around us for the past 52 years. By introducing modern urban life to nature at AYA Sarıyer, we offer an environmentally-friendly life for you to spend with your loved-ones.

A no-alternative project offering too many attractions...

  • Social life
  • Gym
  • Theater
  • Multi-purpose common use hall
  • Walking trails
  • Entertainment venues
  • Market, café and more at AYA Sarıyer!

At AYA Sarıyer, the architecture of the future rose on the technology of today!

Technology reflects on architecture.

  • Construction in compliance with the earthquake regulation
  • Strong soil
  • Safe and comfortable access to apartments thanks to double-elevator system featuring an earthquake sensor, ventilation and intercom.
  • Entries/exits under control 24/7
  • Security staff and automation systems
  • One indoor parking area for every apartment; a separate car park for your guests
  • Maximum contact with open weather with end-to-end windows
  • Choice of quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship
  • An uninterrupted life thanks to a water tank and generator
  • Heating with a heat cost allocator with the best systems for the environment and human health
  • For effortless use of services without wire clutters: TV, phone, Internet and A/C utility systems
  • A life free of the shadows of high rises and much more await you at AYA Sarıyer!

Industry-leading, world-known brands preferred at AYA Sarıyer