AYA Sarıyer was designed by Han Tümertekin,
the architect of living buildings.

Han Tümertekin conducts his professional activities under the corporate name Mimarlar Tasarım Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti., which was founded in 1985 in Istanbul by himself. Tümertekin undertook his projects mainly in Turkey but also in the Netherlands, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom and France. Graduated from Istanbul Technical University as an architect, he performed academic studies on historical protection at Istanbul University. Alongside his professional activities, he has contributed to architectural studies since 1992.

Tümertekin is one of the founders and coordinators of Istanbul Bilgi University Architecture Graduate Program. He is currently an academic visitor at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Ecole Speciale d’Architecture-Paris and Ecole Polytechnique Federate de Lousanne.

Having served as a juror in various national and international juries, Tümertekin has participated in international architectural activities by delivering lectures and moderating workshops. Several publications including DomusAbitare, Architectura Viva, d’Arxhitecture, World Atlas of Contemporary Architecture, Atlas of 21st Century World featured his studies. Moreover, a selection of his projects was published by Harvard University Press in the form of a monograph. Besides having been awarded a National Architecture Award (Turkey) in 1998 and 2000, Tümertekin holds a variety of national and international awards. His SM House was exhibited during Mies van der Rohe Awards Ceremony and he was granted Aga Khan Award of Architecture in 2004 with his B2 House. He was a member of 2007 Aga Khan Award of Architecture Board of Directors.